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Full time, head coach of womens gymnastics

Oppdatert: 1. des. 2020

Nøtterøy Turn is the largest of the subgroups in the main association Nøtterøy Idrettsforening (NIF). Founded in 1917 NIF one of the oldest associations in Vestfold and has over 1,000 members in seven different sports. Nøtterøy IF Turn (Gymnastics) was founded in 1963 and has raised several good athletes from the very beginning.

Per 01 January 2015 had gymnastics group 429 members aged 2-72 years with an average age of 11 ½ years. With new facilities and motivated employees we look forward to a solid increase in these numbers. Our club train gymnasts from Nøtterøy and Tønsberg (Norway) with surrounding areas.

As part of our efforts to strengthen our Womens gymnastic team, Nøtterøy Turn is hiring a full time Womens gymnastic coach. The head coach will be responsible for the Womens gymnastic team and their team of coaches. The head coach will report directly to the club’s Board of directors.

Nøtterøy Turn has big ambitions for its Womens gymnatics, and has fostered Norwegian champions and high performance athlestes in the past. Nøtterøy currently have gymnasts performing according to the national standards (“Turnstigen”) but have ambitions og competing at the FIG level. The head coach will have responsibilities for developing a program that can support this development and will also lead the selection of candidates from the other levels in Nøtterøy Turn.

This is an exciting opportunity to work closely with the administration of the club and the other coaches in Nøtterøy Turn.This will be a challenging role and the successful applicant will be able to work independently with further developing our clubs Womens gymnastics.


  • Lead our team of coaches, developing their skills and quality of work

  • Be responsible for preparation and coaching of our athletes for national and local competitions

  • Plan and perform training for pre elite and elite levels

  • Plan training and competition schedule for pre elite and elite levels in cooperation with our team of coaches

  • Recruit, motivate and help to ensure a common structure and vision for our coaches

  • Be responsible for recruitment of athletes to our elite and pre elite teams

  • Administrative duties related to Elite team and overall administrative functions for Nøtterøy Turn (cooperating with our administrative secretary)


  • Highly competent, experienced and trained background. Experience may substitute formal education.

  • Letter of recommandation from earlier employer (s)

  • Knowledge of FIG standards

  • Knowledge of national standards (“Turnstigen”) - may be substituted by experience or other qualifications

  • Valid certificate of good conduct from the Police will be required

  • Flexible working hours, ie. ability to work days, evenings, weekends and school holidays

  • Speaks a Scandinavian language or English


  • Positive, energetic and enthusiastic for the sport

  • Strong communication and interpersonal skills

  • Ability to build relations and good cooperation skills


  • Exciting position in a social, professional and modern working environment

  • Competitive Salary – dependent upon experience

  • Direct reporting line to the Board of directors


Please contact Roe Nerem, phone nr. +47 971 74448

Resume’s will be accepted in confidence and should be submitted as soon as possible.

Please send it to:

The position is open for hiring as of today, and we will hire as soon as a suitable candidate is accepted buy our board.

Head Coach
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